Today, a big step to staying healthy means properly dosing and taking your medications. But sometimes it can be a challenge to keep track. We make it easy.

At PayLess Special Service Pharmacy, we’ve created a specialized system that helps you maintain your health by organizing your medication in easy-to-use cards that clearly show when you’ve taken your medication, so there’s no missed or double dosages. It’s an excellent solution for anyone with health conditions that require multiple prescriptions, and those recovering from surgery or are in rehabilitation.

Using PayLess couldn’t be easier

Our seven-day prescription cards organize your medications in the specific days and times they need to be taken. The enrollment process can be handled by you over the phone or via fax. It can be set up with either new or existing prescriptions and we coordinate with the physicians if you have more than one heatlhcare professional prescribing medication.

  • To fill your order, we will need original prescriptions from your doctor or direct transfers from your current pharmacy. We cannot accept faxes direct from patients.
  • Your pill medications will be packaged in our innovative reminder cards. Injections, creams, ointments and eye-drops are packaged separately.
  • The easiest way for you to let us start helping us is to call us at 855-784-4383, and we will do all the phone calls to your providers to get the legal prescriptions. You can also fax us your address and basic information to 503-416-7520. (We will still need to obtain original prescriptions or direct pharmacy transfers.)

Affordable and convenient

Prescriptions are set up on a 28-day cycle, which we refill automatically each month with four new cards. Each card contains all your medications for one week. And we provide this service at no cost to you – making PayLess Special Service Pharmacy even more attractive. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll like PayLess, we’ll transfer your prescriptions back to your local pharmacy if you aren’t satisfied. So give us a call. We look forward to talking with you.

To get started, just call or email us at